Day 11: More than Just a Mech – The Vision of Escaflowne

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ARTOFANIME.COM – I don’t know how many of you have heard of the Vision of Escaflowne. But till date other than Ninja Robots its the second mech anime that I have watched till date. Shocker, I know but it’s just that up till now there weren’t many mech anime that got me interested to watch.

More Than Just A Mech The Vision Of Escaflowne

But now I have there are so many that I want to watch like Aldanoah Zero, Heavy Object etc. Which is why at first it got me thinking that which mech anime have I watched and then it struck me – Vision of Escaflowne – that’s the one I remember watching. Here’s why –

The Vision of Escaflwone features Hitomi Kanzaki, a typical high school girl with high school crushes. One day she discovers her main crush Amano will be moving away soon. Before he leaves, she wants to beat her personal sprint record in front of him. She meets him late at night at her high school track and gives him her pendant which can strangely swing in time. If she beats her record, she wishes to have a kiss as a reward. The timer starts and she immediately heads towards the finish line only to be stopped midway by a strange boy carrying a sword.

A dragon soon follows him and they fight, causing Hitomi and her friends to get in the middle of the battle. Suddenly, Hitomi has a vision of the dragon slicing the boy from behind and she calls out to him. He manages to dodge the tail swipe and counterattacks the dragon’s soft belly resulting in death. The strange boy is then transported back to his world via a pale blue light and Hitomi is dragged along with him as Amano reaches out to her. The only thing she managed to grab was her pendant in his hand.

From here on, Hitomi is launched into the world of Gaia where the Earth hangs in their sky. She is caught up in the world’s politics and battles due to her fortune telling abilities and other strange powers. The strange boy from before is revealed to be a prince named Van Fanel, whose country is destroyed by a shady empire called Zaibach. Zaibach believes they can bring peace to the world by altering fate and using technology, but the key to unlock this power lies in Van’s gyumelef, a giant mecha, Escaflowne that can transform into a dragon. Together, they gain allies in the neighboring country Asturia and fight off the Zaibach Empire from destroying the world.

Like all anime that I have watched or will watch I usually look for what outcome I get by watching it in sense I look for what I have learned in the process of watching the anime. This is anime is about a typical female lead who always thinks about the consequences of her actions as well as she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty or tell a situation the way it is. The Vision of Escaflowne has it all and can serve as the ultimate gateway anime. The plot is rich with references from ancient mythology from all over the globe and the overall story harbors a lesson anyone can get behind. The characters do not succumb to stereotype syndrome, and there are giant, ancient mechs that fight during every battle

In the beginning we see how Hitomi is not well liked by many of the main characters at the beginning. Van believes she is cursed and refuses to associate with her, while Merle, his childhood friend, believes she is fighting for Van’s affections.

Neither of these things are true and this makes Hitomi deeply depressed as any other normal human being would after being transported to a strange land with no one to provide comfort and guarantee safe passage. Things become even more complicated once the castle is attacked and Van is forced to flee with Hitomi and the Escaflowne. Hitomi predicts the whole thing through a vision she is given and becomes hysterical. Of course, no one believes her making her feel even further alienated.

Hitomi doesn’t gain the trust and affections at the get go, she earns these rights once she proves that she can be of use and is also reliable. Hitomi is supported by several other main characters that allow her to deep dig deep inside herself. There are lots more aspects one can relate to during the entire series
Overall through the series the message is clear, humans are individuals with their own opinions and dreams. Not everyone agrees with each other, but the answer is not violence through ignorance. Instead, a mutual respect should be practiced in order to enhance the world through different perspectives. If only this message were practiced more often in the real world.

Thanks to ARTOFANIME.COM for amazing experience about anime.

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