Day 09: Among All Evil! – Naraku (Inuyasha)

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ARTOFANIME.COM – Every show has a villain. That one character that has gone through the worst in life but instead choosing the high road, they choose the downward spiral one. But I guess that’s what makes the main character of any show a hero. Moreover, there are plenty of famous villains out there are popular, all of whom we love to hate. At some point we relate to them and connect to them on why they turn to the dark side and yet we dislike them because they cause way too much trouble for our superhero in the making. Nonetheless, I do also have a villain that which I think is the best and that would be NARAKU from Inuyasha.

Among All Evil Naraku Inuyasha

You can’t help but acknowledge his skill at simply being heinously evil. He touches countless lives directly and indirectly, and seems to revel in being cruel, destructive, feared and loathed. His character is ominous, right from his appearance, to his powers, his voice and even his surroundings. He makes powerful incarnations of himself and discards them when they have outlived their purpose. He forces Inuyasha to keep up with his steady gain of power. Many villains are static characters, besides their back story. Naraku is not. He makes it difficult for everyone and tension builds. He’s like a wonderfully terrible character.

Others might think that Frieza, Aizem or any other villain might be way worst but to me Naraku is just pure evil, why you might ask? it’s because more than anything, he manipulates, , he kills ( with out using even a finger), he lies, is a traitor, he is the real personification of the real evil human mind, in the series he is called a monster but his origin is human, some people think that anime series are just cartoons, but like novels, movies, books we can see important things about reality, doesn’t matter if is fiction or not. We can clearly see during the series the whole reason for his down fall. He started out as the bandit Onigumo who falls in love with the priestess Kikyo, someone who really takes the time to bring food back to an evil man, he clearly was touched by her. Then demons came into the cave to try and talk him into giving up his body so that he can have a chance with Kikyo. But he was lied to in order to obtain the Shikon no Tama jewel and ultimately he turned into Naraku, who intentions of wanting Kikyo.

Naraku’s going to be my favorite villain because he’s not simply there for power or glory. Naraku manipulates and tortures the people he encounters in many crazy ways. From having two lovers hate each other, to having a boy kill his entire family and friends, to cursing a person with a black whole. He always plans his ambitions very strategically.

No you see why he is my choice for best villain.


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