Day 08: Eternal Love! – Tamahome & Miaka (FUSHIGI YUUGI)

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ARTOFANIME.COM – My favorite anime couple would be Miaka and Tamahome from Fushigi Yugi (aka Curious Play).

To me their love story is like an old school romance. You know the feels you go through when you watch two lovers try to come to together while at the same time trying to save the world. It’s evident that their story isn’t the main storyline but it does take the center stage in the series while Miaka is trying to save the world. We see how their relationship evolves during the entire series.

Favorite Couple

At first, Tamahome first sees Miaka as a little sister, and would gladly give his life for her. However, when she returns home for three months of time in the book he realizes that his love for her more romantic than any other. He is not afraid to admit his feelings for her as she feels the same way, unfortunately everything in the world seems to want to stand between them. If it isn’t Yui trying to win him over, it’s Taiitsukun telling Miaka she can’t touch any guys, or Nakago making Miaka think she’s dirty, or Tokaki telling them Suzaku won’t be able to keep them together. There’s always one thing after another, but nothing can keep these two apart. Their love is strong enough to conquer anything and it’s this love that helps them save the world.

What do you think of my favorite couple? Comment and tell me your choice for favorite anime couple!!

Favorite Quote :

“But even if we are separated for now, I still believe that someday surely I will meet you again…No that I will find you again, I promise you no matter how my appearance will change and it takes me thousand or ten thousand of years…No matter which world you are in, I will come to you again somehow. And when I do I will once again say to you… WO AI NI.” – Tamahome.

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