Day 07: My One True Love – INUYASHA

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ARTOFANIME.COM – To tell you the truth I have been really nervous to write this post since this character and the anime means a lot to me and expressing it is getting overwhelming.

But unless I finally decided that I should do this because I owe my love for anime because of this show. Without further ado…

My Anime Crush

My favorite anime crush is INU YASHA. There are so many things about him that make me admire him. He’s strong, funny and adorable! But let me tell you why I have this major crush on him…

This story created by Rumiko Takahashi is a amazing in its simplicity but that isn’t the only reason why its popular among us otakus. Moreover, it is the complexity and emotions portrayed between Kagome and Inuyasha really resonates with me.

During the entire series we see how these two deal with their feelings for each other and how Inuyasha struggles between which life would be better – a life of a full blooded demon or a life of a human. Along the way we see how we evolves and starts changing his attitude towards human, whom at one point he hated.

Rumiko Takahashi has done a great job in portraying the anime series to something, we all can relate to. I love this show so much and everytime I watch the re-runs I fall in love with even more!

I can go on and on about it but I’ll end this with my favorite quote from the series –
Life itself is a frightening image for a human being.
Being strong in life isn’t easy” “- Miroku

Thanks to ARTOFANIME.COM for amazing experience about anime.

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