Day 05: Not that Proud! (Baby Baa-chan)

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ARTOFANIME.COM – Although I love watching anime and I am never afraid to actually admit it. I must say that when I was younger and when Animax the channel started in India everyone would watch the popular shows and I would be the anime nerd who would watch everything! And I was thrilled about it no doubt but of course I had one anime that I was not really ashamed then only now I just can’t believe I actually watched back then!

An Anime I’m Ashamed Of Watching

So the anime that I am actually talking about is Baby Baachan. I don’t know how many of you otakus have watched it but yeah over all I guess I kinda enjoyed it.

Does anyone else remember this anime? Comment below and let me know the anime you were ashamed of watching!

Thanks to ARTOFANIME.COM for amazing experience about anime.

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